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Meet Your Counselor

Katrina Flesvig, MA, LCPC

Education- Masters in Psychology, Specialization in Counseling from Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Professional License- Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Illinois


Katrina Flesvig MA, LCPC

My goal is to provide a safe space for you to get the help and support you need. Whether you are going through a transition in your life and are looking for support or if you are struggling in your mental health and need an experienced counselor for treatment. From the convenience of your home you can get your needs met here.

I have over a decade of experience providing counseling to individuals, couples and families. Experience and advanced training in a multitude of areas to provide evidence based treatment for my clients.

This is your journey and I want to help you feel confident and empowered by the paths that you take


Client Testimonial

In my personal opinion, when a person is dealing with any type of trauma, whether it be from work, relationships, social situations, or school, Katrina is hands down the best person to turn to.  She is dedicated to her client’s well-being from the time they enter her office until the time they leave. She won’t rush the process and she will keep you safe the entire session. She is worth your investment if your end goal is to become a better version of yourself and finally see your self-worth.- Client

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